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3 Reasons to Hire a Clown for Your Next Event

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a clown is a “familiar comic character of pantomime and circus, known by distinctive makeup and costume, ludicrous antics, and buffoonery, whose purpose is to induce hearty laughter.” Now, that’s the clowns we remember from childhood. Bozo the Clown entertained us on TV from 1960 all the way up to 2001. And way before that, they entertained royalty in the courts as jesters and as performers in ancient Greek theater. And today, you still have many reasons to hire a clown for your events. Here are just a few.

Clowns bring parties to life

The most obvious reason to hire a clown for your event is to breathe a little life into it. Sure, kids’ parties are a great place for clowns, but also consider those stuffy corporate events where everyone can’t wait to go home. What if while your guests were doing their obligatory mingling, a slapstick clown suddenly burst onto the scene? He’d be stealing hor d’oeuvres off their plates, miming their actions behind their backs, and generally just bringing a good time to all. It’s good to hire clowns for these events who can provide adult-appropriate entertainment. For example, you’ll find clowns in queens who can tell jokes, perform comedic skits, and fit in with the adult crowd. Charity auctions, conferences, and banquets are all great places to inject a little humor and fun.

Clowns offer complete entertainment

It’s hard to think of something to do every minute of a kid’s birthday party. But if you don’t, they’ll get bored, cause trouble, and start to get cranky. Of course, this depends on the age group, but most kids need constant stimulation or interaction at a party to keep from getting bored. A basic party includes games, gifts, and cake, but then what? A clown will keep your young guests entertained throughout the party. You can even ask your clown to draw the adults into the entertainment as well. That way, you don’t have to entertain the parents who show up.

Clowns usually come with their own set of party games and activities. Some of those include face painting, balloon shaping, singing, and limbo. But those are just some examples. Your clown may specialize in particular activities and will probably bring props and supplies. All you’ll have to do is sit back and take the credit for the fun.

Clowns are reasonably priced

While you may not want to hire the $25 clown advertising on the corner, clowns are a reasonably priced investment. Because they bring all their own entertainment props, you will save money on things you might normally have to buy. Party rentals, props, games, and entertainment are usually all included, so you won’t have to spend a dime except on the cake and modest decorations if you’d like. And since it’s recommended that most children’s parties be kept under two hours, you won’t be spending a fortune on an hourly service.

Clowns can appeal to all audiences, young and old. When hiring one, be sure to discuss with them ahead of time the age of the audience and any further expectations. You should make it clear what type of event it is and just how free they can be with their act. If it’s a mixed crowd, like some charity events or company parties might be, you’ll need a clown who can easily entertain both children and adults. You’ll also need to make their responsibilities clear from the beginning and maybe even invite them to the venue to look over their setting. Find out from your clown service what types of activities and entertainment they offer so you can make sure you’re choosing the most appropriate for your event.