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Is It OK to Put a Canvas Print in the Bathroom?

Is It OK to Put a Canvas Print in the Bathroom?
Is It OK to Put a Canvas Print in the Bathroom?

Canvas prints are among the most popular forms of home decor. Not only is it easy to find cheap canvas printing options online that will deliver right to your door, but they look artistic and beautiful. This style of printing allows your photos or artwork to be the center of attention on your wall rather than a decorative frame.

Canvas is a relatively durable decor option. It’s resistant to being dropped, and it doesn’t scratch or tear as easily as other forms of photos. But will it work in areas where moisture and steam are prevalent, such as your bathroom?

Moisture is obviously an enemy to canvas. It will fade your photo, cause the colors to bleed together, and could even damage your wall. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work in your particular bathroom. Consider a few things before deciding whether or not to hang a photo in this room.

Do people shower in there?

Bathrooms without a shower are much less of a concern than those where the shower is being run daily. Hot, steamy water pouring into an enclosed room can cause damage to certain surfaces, so you certainly don’t want to hang a painting in this room. Canvas prints may not work well in this atmosphere either.

If you only take baths (which does not create as much steam) or it’s a powder room without a bath or shower, there likely won’t be a problem hanging your canvas print in this space. Moisture will be in the air, but your canvas should be durable enough to withstand it.

Just make sure you have proper ventilation in this room. Running the fan during showers, baths, or times when you run the water for a consistent amount of time will reduce the moisture problem in the air and on the walls. This will allow all your bathroom decor a little more longevity.

Do you find drips of condensation on the walls or surfaces?

Before hanging up a canvas print, check out the moisture conditions on a regular basis. For a few days, note areas of condensation or drips on all walls and surfaces. Check windows and around the shower for telltale signs of condensation damage.

Pay special attention to the area where you’re thinking about hanging your print. Inspect the area several times per day — after you shower, before and after using the bathroom, when washing your hands, or for your daily cleaning. Condensation evaporates quickly, so if you don’t check several times per day, you might never find evidence of excess moisture.

Have wooden surfaces warped in the past?

If there are wooden surfaces in your bathroom, note how they’ve fared in the bathroom. These materials don’t handle excessive water well, so if there’s a lot of moisture in the room, you’ll know that the canvas won’t handle this atmosphere well.

You may not have wooden decorations in your room, so check out your door. If it’s made from hardwood rather than particle board, you’ll be able to assess the conditions.

What’s the quality of the canvas?

Last, but not least, consider the quality of the canvas and the ink. A thick canvas will absorb more water than a thin one, and high-quality inks will last longer. Giclee inks are recommended, because they’re more durable and absorb better into the canvas. A protective gloss over the canvas will also protect it from bathroom moisture.

As long as your canvas is designed to stand the test of time, your bathroom environment shouldn’t be a problem for your bathroom decor.