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Sutra Mini Review

When it comes to vaping, you have no shortage of choices. Whether you’re an ex-smoker looking for something that mimics the feel of a cigarette or you want something that will deal effectively with your high VG juice, there’s a good choice out there. Today we’re reviewing the Sutra Mini to help you decide if it’s the right vaporizer for you.

What is the Sutra Mini?

Put out by Sutra Vape, this is a convection vaporizer. All vaporizers work by either convection or conduction of heat. Conduction heating makes direct contact with whatever it is heating, but in vaporizers this can result in uneven heating. Convection heating is indirect and gives a better flavor.

Product specs

This vaporizer is made to work with whatever you prefer to vape, from herbs to liquids, and was designed to be highly portable. At just three inches tall and only an inch wide, it’s easy to carry and has a minimal profile for when you’re out and about.

The device allows you to control temperatures from an OLED display, and you can choose anything from 300 to 430 degrees. It comes with a battery that should last you a couple of sessions before it needs to be recharged. Recharging will take a few hours.

In the box, you’ll also get a dab tool, tweezers for getting that last bit of stuff out of your vaporizer, a cap, a cup to hold it, and a USB charging cable.

What are people saying about it?

This product consistently rates highly among reviewers. Users love how the Sutra Mini can be carried easily in a pocket or bag without drawing attention to itself. It has also made an impression with its versatility: whether you want to smoke flower, concentrate, or juice, you can do it well with the Sutra Mini.

The only real negative about this little device is the possibility of a slight plastic flavor, especially right out of the box. We found that a little change in temperature got rid of that, and after one or two uses there was no more issue. This is a medium-priced machine that has the functionality and features of a higher-priced unit.

How does it compare?

There are other portable convection vaporizers on the market, so we did a little comparison to help you decide what you’d like to use.

The Exxus Snap VV4

This is ideal if you’re only interested in something that can do oil cartridges. This unit has four adjustable heat settings and has the same size specs as the Sutra Mini. It can hold cartridges of any width and comes with four voltage settings so you can use it anywhere. This device comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

When compared with the Sutra Mini, the Exxus offers you the same discreet portability at a fraction of the price; however, you don’t have the same exacting temperature control, and, most crucially, you won’t be able to use it for anything other than oil cartridges.

Puffco Peak

If you’d like to imagine yourself in the future while you vape, the Puffco Peak might be for you. The peak is seven inches high but is made to sit neatly in any cup holder. It has four heat settings, intelligent monitoring, and haptic feedback to make sure that every session is always perfect.

It heats up quickly and recharges in a fraction of the time it takes other dabs to get there. It is made to work with custom attachments and reportedly delivers a perfect vapor for any concentrate you use.

Compared with the Sutra Mini, this unit is far more intelligent and just plain cool. You’re going to pay for all this, however, and you will get a device that isn’t quite as versatile or portable; though for concentrates it probably provides a better experience.

In the end, the choice is entirely up to you: but you can sure that the Sutra Mini is a solid choice for anyone.