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What is React Native And Why An App Developer Needs It

We are well aware of the fact that cross-platform app development has become one of the most effective replacements for the process of native application development. The native mobile app development has its own ups and downs, a popular one being that the app developers needed to build separate apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

And this obstacle was solved with the help of cross-platform mobile app development, where mobile application developers and designers can build apps for different platforms using the same base code. This further helped in making the process of mobile app development less time consuming and cost-effective.

And this is the part where React Native framework comes into play, as an efficient mobile application development solution that is also considered as the future of cross-platform development by many experts.

And in this article, we will be stating out the reasons why does an app developer need React Native, in order to survive in the year 2019.

Why React Native?

React Native is basically a framework that was created by one of the largest organizations, Facebook. This mobile app development framework allows app developers to develop native mobile applications for platforms like iOS and Android while using a single JavaScript codebase.

Brands and companies like Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, Facebook, SoundCloud, Discord, Uber etc are the ones that are currently using the React Native framework in their business operations as well as mobile applications and are also contributing in its growing popularity.

But another major question that comes to mind is that if mobile app developers should go all in with React Native and not consider Swift or Java for mobile app development.

Main Reasons Why App Developers Need React Native

Now that we have got a better idea of what React Native actually is, it’s time to shed some light on the main reasons why a mobile app developer needs React Native for mobile app development:

  1. Native functionality

First thing first, the mobile applications that are developed using React Native framework operate just like any other native application. The functionalities such as usability, scroll accelerations, keyboard behavior, animations etc. play a very crucial role in defining this mobile app development framework.

Apart from this, React Native seems to work flawlessly with the native widgets which further makes the UI (User Interface) more interactive in nature. If you are looking to build mobile apps that are highly robust then React Native is definitely one of the technologies to consider for app development.

  1. Development Convenience

The React Native framework is known in the app developer community as a technology that delivers an amazing environment for the app development process this also helps in creating a smooth and positive experience for the developers and programmers.

For instance, React Native framework enables app developers to make direct modifications and implement these changes while the project is in its running stage. This also eliminates the need to restart the system for every minor change that has been made during the app development process by the app developer.

  1. Learning Curve

In comparison to other frameworks that are currently available in the market, React Native is the one that is fairly easy to learn as it is highly readable for the mobile app developers. A majority of developers and designers even consider the React Native technology as a great tool for newbie developers who are in the initial phase of learning JavaScript.

The wide range of components provided by React Native which includes filters as well as maps which are also responsible for making the learning curve of this technology quite simple and easy for app developers.

Let’s try to understand this with the help of one of the functionalities offered by the React Native framework i.e. Hot Reload. In hot reloading, the user interface gets refreshed directly whenever a change is made by the developer/programmer in the code. This feature is also known to make the iteration cycle less hectic by removing the repetitive app deployment steps.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

The next major reason why an app developer might need React Native framework is the cross-platform compatibility. This technology of React Native was first introduced just for the iOS platform. But after seeing the performance of this framework in the market, Facebook decided to extend its support for the Android platform as well.

Today, there is a large section of mobile app developers that make use of APIs of React Native framework for the purpose of cross-platform mobile app development. Using these React Native APIs, app developers can easily design and develop mobile applications for both Android as well as iOS platforms while utilizing a single code base.  

  1. Live Updates

Last but not least, React Native technology offers a highly efficient feature that is instant live updates. The feature of live updates is also considered as one of the most widely-known advantages of React Native framework in the app developers’ community.  

As you might already know by now, the technology of React Native mainly revolves around the use of JavaScript which also provides the app developers with the option of having high feasibility. That’s why the regular updates made by app developers occur on the smartphones of end-users.

In addition to this, the React Native framework is also known to effortlessly run some of the most complex applications while exceeding the well-known real native mobile applications. With that being said, the support community of React Native is highly supportive to its users and provide immediate information on the regular updates of the framework while providing assistance in solving issues related to the previous version of this technology.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the main reasons why mobile app developers need React Native framework. Apart from the above-stated points, there are many other reasons as well but the major ones are covered at the beginning of this article.

One thing is for sure, using React Native framework can make the process of mobile app development very simple and extremely streamlined with respect to time for both Android and iOS app developers.